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Before Applying For Loans, Be Sure The Credit Score Is Within The Credit Score Range

19 Dec

If a person wants to go to a lender and would apply for loans, especially unsecured loans, he must be sure that his credit score should be within credit score range. When a person will apply for secured loans, he might not have any problems convincing the lender to approve his loan application because lenders will only require the borrower to have his own collateral. A collateral is a sort of security that can assure the lender that the borrower is going to pay his monthly dues of his loan religiously and promptly. If the borrower can’t pay his monthly dues on time, he’s going to lose his collateral, be it a house, car or any other real property.

However, for the unsecured loans, a borrower can loan out money from a lender without any collateral. What he needs to make sure of is that his credit score is high. The credit score is a set of numbers that can tell any lender if the borrower is a good payer or not. Credit scores are based on how the borrower has been paying his past debts from institutions like banks, lenders and even credit card companies. These institutions, in turn, submit their credit score report of a particular lender to credit bureaus like Equifax. If that certain borrower will apply for loans again from different lenders, those lenders can take a look at the credit score of that person. If he has a low credit score, they might not approve the loan application. If the borrower has high credit score, then, there is no question that that lender will approve his loan application.

So, what is the credit score range? According to FICO, if the credit score of a borrower is between 730 and 850, it is considered as excellent. If the credit score is between 700 and 729, it is considered as a good credit score. If it is between 670 and 699, it is considered as average credit score. If it is between 585 and 669, lenders will consider the credit score of a borrower as average. It is a bad credit score if the credit score of the borrower is between 300 and 584.

So, if somebody wants to have his loans application approved, he should make sure his credit score is within the credit score range and it’s also recommended that he has a sort of collateral to go with it. With a collateral with high appraisal and a high credit score, for sure, his loan application will be approved and processed the soonest possible time and he will enjoy favorable low interest rates.


For Fast Loan Approval, One Has To Have Good Credit Score Range

7 Nov

Even if an individual has his very own high-paying job and/or he may have a lucrative business, there are occasions that life can also be challenging for him. Frankly speaking, even if they’re making earnings, some of them would still be seeking some financial help to enable them to extend their financial arm to place more food onto their loved ones’ dinner table and even buy the things they desired day-to-day. There are many ways that anyone can extend his financial arm and one of them is to apply for loan mortgages like secured personal loans. But, where can a person find a good deal when it comes to secured loans? If he is thinking of trying to get secured personal loans, does that mean that he doesn’t have to bother with his credit score whether it’s a good or bad one? Truthfully, he needs to be. That is because even though he still has a house to present to the bank as equity, with a good credit score range, he can even be granted with a lower interest rate by the lending company and/or he might even have the chance to receive a higher loan amount.

So, what is actually a secured loan? Guaranteed loan can be simply understood as borrowing money from an individual and a person can make a warranty that he is going to pay the bank religiously and promptly by offering a collateral. The equity can be a house, his automobile, a land title or even cash in cash bonds.

Just under two years ago, there was once a person who was thinking about acquiring a brand new and bigger house because his folks are getting bigger. As with any other young couples, when they began, they only have a few small things along. However, as time wore on, they have young children and the things that they own are getting many in number. So, he was thinking that he should either buy a house or make is old house even bigger so that everybody can fit in it. However, his money that he has is not sufficient enough to finance him. What he did was to go and approach a lending company and he was thinking that his car and a land title could be presented as equity to the lending company. The lending company appraised his properties and when he found them out to be of high quality value, he approved the application for secured loans.

But, the lending company also asked about the debtor’s credit score range. That person, luckily, is regarded by various lenders as a good payer and has been paying his financial obligations including his credit card debts constantly and promptly. So, that’s the reason why he has no trouble in presenting his credit score since he has a good credit score range. The credit score is the standard to help lenders determine whether the borrower is a good payer or not and if he has been paying his past debts on time including his credit card payments. If the loan companies see that a borrower has a high credit score or credit standing, they won’t have any second thoughts in approving his loan application and even give him a lower interest rate and/or a higher loanable amount.

Any individual who has been planning to apply for loans, whether it’s unsecured loan or a secured loan, should make certain that he has good credit score range so that he can strike a good deal with lenders. That is the reason why it is highly recommended that they should keep their credit history as high as possible by being good payers for their debts from financial loans to credit cards.

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